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Waking Dreams

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Deepika Daggubati: Writer/Director/Producer

Jack Rudy: Music Supervisor


The movie, WAKING DREAMS, is a fresh look at intergenerational conflicts in an Indian-American family.  Set against the rich backdrops of video games and Bollywood fantasies, this culture clash comedy explores the hopes and aspirations of a diverse group of characters in a small West Texas town.

Latha Kumar, a recent college grad, is stuck in a rut.  She didn’t get into medical school.  She can’t commit to a career.  And worst of all, she’s painfully single.  Her greatest satisfaction is in watching old Telugu movies starring her favorite actress, Jayapradha.  Inspired by these glossy melodramas, Latha uses her imagination to escape into quirky fantasies whenever she is overwhelmed by real world problems.

When Latha’s strict doctor father gets fed up with Latha’s inaction and threatens to kick her out of the house,  Latha agrees to interview for a job at a new software company.  Expecting a dull I.T. office, Latha finds that the company is actually a video game developer.  This colorful world of overgrown children makes a striking and comical contrast to Latha’s staid home life.

At work, Latha befriends a good-natured co-worker named Colin, while she openly pines for Ashwin — a hotshot game designer.  Meanwhile, her condescending supervisor Rebecca, who resents her small town job, takes every opportunity to embarrass and undermine Latha.
The more Latha settles into her new job, the more complications arise around her.  Dr. Kumar declares Latha’s job to be a dead-end career.  Also, the doctor’s adoring P.A., an attractive single mom, may be setting her sights on him.  Mrs. Kumar reconsiders whether the career and personal sacrifices she has made for her family have been worth it.  Ultimately, the characters all wonder if their dreams will ever converge with reality.

Told with heart and humor, WAKING DREAMS proves that there can be magic, romance, and adventure in the real world too, if one is open to it.

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