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Let There Be Lucha!

by admin

Lucha VaVOOM—five years of strippers and midget wrestling

By Alie Ward, Metromix, and revised for this blog by Jack Rudy

DJ Count Douche-ula and Alie "Deathromix" Ward

DJ Count Douche-ula and Alie “Deathromix” Ward

San Francisco has fog. Maine’s got lobsters. St. Louis has one giant silver McDonalds’ arch. But for L.A., there’s Lucha.

Nothing says Southern California more than masked Mexican wrestlers, a sweaty stew of women peeling off clothes, a “little person” in a chicken suit, and a throbbing crowd of drunk hooligans screaming at the top of their voices. Such is  Lucha VaVOOM.

They’ve been saucing up L.A. with their blend of “sexo y violencia” for five years now, and celebrated their anniversary at the Mayan on August 30th with more than their usual heart-stopping and pants-splitting antics. Sure, you could expect a raucus night with tiny men dressed as chickens, aerialists, stripteases and masked wrestling. But they also cleared the floor of chairs this time for an evening of up-close views and a hump fest dance party with DJ Señor Amor after the show.

If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for more than a few months, you should have been to one of these already. And if you didn’t grab tickets for this one before it sold out you may have had to cobble togther a Mexican wrestling suit and sneak in the loading dock like a Mentos ad. Hey, don’t judge. We were desperate last time.

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