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Girlie Girl Catfight Show

by admin

Coming to the El Rey on March 27,¬† my fellow co-producers of Lucha VaVoom, and Golden Voice bring a new show — Girlie Girl Catfight:

Girlie Girl Catfight ShowThe Girlie Girl Catfight Show is the very first of it’s kind. Beautiful, skilled girl wrestlers – think Bond girls of old – in spirited, sexy combat.

This is where you will see the best catfights from the movies brought to life. Now add aerial artists, host Blaine Capatch and the wonderful Brandon Johnson and and you have what can only be described as a trailer for a surreal 60’s movie that was never made. No one has ever put on a show featuring the perfect kind of female wrestling; the girlie-girl FUN kind.

Here’s what it’s NOT: It’s not like any kind of female wrestling icky porn wrestling that’s out there — not the permed, leotard-clad punch-fests. Here’s what it is: More of the anything goes good-times from¬† the weirdos behind Lucha Va- VOOM.

Click here for tickets.

See the myspace profile for this event.

Here’s a preview:

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