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Sometimes my phone rings, and it’s Dave Alvin asking if I’m available to play harmonica on a record or a live show. So far, no matter how busy my life seems to be, I’ve been able to put everything aside and do it. These experiences, hands down, have been my most rewarding musical moments. We’ve played clubs and theaters, festivals and events, and made a few records. And we’ve spent many hours just doing nothing — riding in a van, or hanging around the studio. But every time I’ve come away feeling like I’ve just been a part of something very special.

Dave Alvin:

Born in Southern California, Alvin got his start in the roots rock band The Blasters, finding fans in the emerging punk rock scene and often sharing a bill with X. After leaving the band Alvin launched a solo career and a couple of years later found a nurturing home in HighTone where he never had to explain himself musically. Alvin, who won a Grammy® Award in 2001, has a show on XM Radio’s X Country station, and has produced other artists such as Chris Gaffney, Tom Russell, Christy McWilson, Sonny Burgess and Big Sandy And The Fly-Rite Boys.

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